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Sal Abbinanti is the artist and creator of "Atomika", as well as the art dealer for Alex Ross and Bill Sienciewicz, which gives him an inside dish to the convention world. In addition, he is crass, hilarious and shoots straight from the hip- in other words the perfect podcast guest to discuss the madness of San Diego Comic Con. Uncle Sal tells us the best ways to network with comic pros, why artists alley isn't worth your time, and why old people won't use the air conditioner. 

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I hope you like talk about "Barney Miller"! Wendi is joined by always welcome returning guest JK Woodward and writer Keith DeCandido. Between the two of them they have worked on comic/novel adaptations of Eureka, Farscape, Supernatural, Doctor Who and Star Trek so there is a lot of tv discussion, as well as how to write a good parody song and what makes a creative panhandler. They have a kickstarter for a graphic novelization of DeCandido's popular medieval police procedural book series "Dragon Precinct" and want to tell you all about it.

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Brea Grant may be recognizable to listeners from her roles in shows like "Heroes", "Friday Night Lights" and "Dexter" as well as writing comics such as "Let's Play God" and "Suicide Girls". She's here to talk about her just released movie "Best Friends Forever"- a dark comedy road trip story set against the nuclear apocalypse. We chat about her career, what makes horror fans savvy, new methods of film funding and distribution and much more!

Please note- there were audio issues in the middle segment so I had to edit out quite a bit. I only wish I had more of our conversation to share because Brea was a fantastic guest and it was interesting to hear her insights as a first time director. 

You can order "Best Friends Forever" through iTunes and Amazon or check out the website at

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