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Old friend Sampsa Granstrom (Mostly Mellow Popculture Podcast) is back! The Finnish wonder comes on to talk about a variety of comics- James Stokoe's "Godzilla: Half Century War", Cliff Chiang's "Beware the Creeper" and a Finnish webcomic called "Gore". Plus he explains how double consonants are pronounced!

Then new friend Metal Mikey (Action Attraction podcast, Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Comics) pops by to discuss classic friendships in comics. There's a lot of ridiculous laughs and crazy answers! So have a good time with Wendi and the gang!

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Steve Bissette, with Alan Moore and John Totleben, changed the face of horror comics with their seminal run on "Swamp Thing". He still has an affinity for the genre with the rerelease of his book, "We Are Going to Eat You", documenting the history of cannibal films. Join Steve and Wendi as they talk about Italian shock cinema, 24 hour comics, his dinosaur epic "Tyrant", and hear his surprising answer to what he considers the best current horror comic!

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You may not know Onrie Kompan by name yet, but he is one of the hardest working creators at any convention. His historical Korean epic, "Yi Soon Shin" frequently sells out due to his tenacity and diligence. Now he has teamed up with Freedable Comics to promote other new creators and share his experience.

But first, returning friend RJ Casey of Yeti Press drops by to talk about his new Kickstarter campaign!

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Bruce Mutard is a graphic novelist from Melbourne, Australia who was in town for Chicago's CAKE convention- Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. His prolific and detailed output has included a trilogy of books about Australia during WWII (The Sacrifice, The Silence) and a collection of Crumb-esque dirtiness called 'Strip Show". He recently brought a group of Australian artists on a North American tour and has many insights on the current indie comics market.

You can check out his work at

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