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Wendi has an insightful, in depth dialogue with actor/director/musician/writer Crispin Glover (Back to the Future, Wild at Heart, Charlie's Angels). He discusses the corporate state of the film industry, making people uncomfortable, Daniel Clowes and plagiarism, and dispels some rumors. An intriguing talk with an enigmatic man.

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The exceptionally classy Tony Akins (Wonder Woman, Aliens, Hellblazer, Jack of Fables) discusses growing up with a father who was an artist and knew how to rock a tux, as well as the history of the Chicago comic scene, filling in for Cliff Chiang, and much more!

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Podcast crossover! Stevie D (Comic Book Queers) does a lot of drinking in a grocery store with Wendi. They talk about Kitty Pryde, the top gay comic moments of the year, what LGBT convention panels do wrong, and why shapeshifters are not legitimate trans characters. Hilarious politically incorrect wine fueled mayhem ensues!

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