Double Page Spread
Double Page Spread ep 75- Paul Jenkins

Last year writer Paul Jenkins (Hellblazer, Spectacular Spider-Man, Sentry, Wolverine, Hulk), wrote a notorious open letter about DC bullying their creators and why he was leaving the big 2 to work for BOOM!. Wendi checks back in with him to see how he's going and what results is an off the cuff dialogue on treatment of creators, the perils of working in movies and the best X-Men story you'll never get to read.

He currently has a kickstarter for his book Fairy Quest 2 going on right here.

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"Archer and Armstrong" scribe Fred Van Lente joins me for a Valentine's history lesson on romance comics! We talk about the changing demographics of female readers, the effects of Frederick Wertham and the direct market on comic content, and the notable creators of the genre.

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In the first half of this episode, artist Dennis Culver has a chat with Wendi about his work on "Edison Rex" for Monkeybrain Comics, as well as delving into antihero tropes, who played "Parker" best in the movies and much more.

Then she is joined by writer Michael Moreci who has had a tremendous year writing "Hoax Hunters" for Image, "Skybreaker" and "Prime-8's" for Monkeybrain and a brand new take on the werewolf tale with "The Curse", as well as his sleek, stylish graphic novel, ReincarNate. We talk about finding the best artist for your work, western heroes, Michael Mann and the well crafted mixed genre.

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