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Double Page Spread ep 77- Andrew Robinson

Andrew C. Robinson, artist of the acclaimed graphic novel, "The Fifth Beatle" talks to Wendi about the time consuming challenges involved in getting the historical and iconic details accurate of the musical icons, as well as portraying the issues Brian Epstein faced being gay during that time. They talk about his other projects, artistic and musical, including his recent cover art of Rick Remender's "Black Science" and "Winter Soldier: The Bitter March".

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As well as Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, creating scents based on favorite properties such as Peter Beagle's 80s animation classic, "The Last Unicorn".

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It's Hellboy's 20th anniversary and what better way to celebrate than by talking to Dark Horse's Editor in Chief, Scott Allie?

We discuss the ins and outs of storyline consistency on franchises like "Buffy", the Dark Horse superhero universe, working on Guillermo Del Toro's "The Strain" and keeping it different from the books and tv show, as well as how to make a compelling video game comic that appeals to gamers and readers equally. 

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