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This week's episode of "Double Page Spread" is bursting with great guests! We get an update on all things Valiant Comics from Senior Editor Karl Bollers. "Bloodshot: Rising Spirit" has broken new sales records and reintroduced one of their most legendary characters. There is a lot going on for the iconic company in 2019!

Then, the holiday gift season is upon us! Caleb Alexander-McKinzie of "Southern Fried Geekery" and Bill Zanowitz of "Comic Book Bears" podcasts pop in to talk about what is on their list and the best presents for the nerds in your life. Everything from kitchen goods to the Beatles to rebel girls, we've got you covered!

Here is where you can donate to The Van, the non-profit Caleb volunteers for the help the unsheltered people of Little Rock, AR.

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This week longtime DC Comics artist/inker/colorist Christian Alamy provides a surprisingly heartfelt and thoughtful conversation. He and Wendi discuss how he has weathered the storm of comics for over 30 years, what it's like to peak too soon, keeping your privacy, French crime writers, working on "Lobo" at the height of its popularity, and his time spent inking Doug Mahnke on "Green Lantern".

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In this special crossover with the "Southern Fried Geekery" podcast, Wendi is joined by Caleb Alexander-McKinzie to discuss what makes a horror story "southern gothic". Its an hour dripping in sweat, bougainvillea, haunted plantations and barbecue! They go from Anne Rice to Swamp Thing to Faulkner, Hellbillies, Southern Bastards, True Blood, and Tee Franklin's "Jook Joint". 

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