Double Page Spread
Double Page Spread ep 75- Paul Jenkins

Last year writer Paul Jenkins (Hellblazer, Spectacular Spider-Man, Sentry, Wolverine, Hulk), wrote a notorious open letter about DC bullying their creators and why he was leaving the big 2 to work for BOOM!. Wendi checks back in with him to see how he's going and what results is an off the cuff dialogue on treatment of creators, the perils of working in movies and the best X-Men story you'll never get to read.

He currently has a kickstarter for his book Fairy Quest 2 going on right here.

This episode brought to you by the fine people at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, custom crafting perfumes based on an array of decadent concepts.

As well as DCBS, the Discount Comic Book Service. Follow @instocktrades on twitter for the best deals every week!

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